Peter Swan Charlotte’s Hobbies

When Peter Swan Charlotte isn’t working, shopping, or spending time with friends or family he enjoys participating in a myriad of activities. Peter Swan Charlotte enjoys participating in multiple competitive sports, cooking, and working in his garden.

Since he was young, Peter Swan Charlotte has been active in sports. His favorite sport to play as a child and teenager was basketball, and Peter Swan Charlotte helped lead many of the teams of his youth to victories and trophies. As he got older, Peter Swan Charlotte found that he also enjoyed playing baseball and soccer. Peter Swan Charlotte began playing baseball after one of his business contacts invited him to join a local league. By playing baseball, Peter Swan Charlotte is able to network and indulge his love of sports.

In college Peter Swan Charlotte began taking an interest in soccer. While he did not play for his university’s team, Peter Swan Charlotte did become active in some community leagues in the Los Angeles area. Peter Swan Charlotte also enjoys taking his contacts and clients out on the golf course to build a rapport.

Peter Swan Charlotte also enjoys cooking and utilizes his own personal garden for many of his ingredients. Peter Swan Charlotte grows both fruits and vegetables in his garden, and cooks a variety of international and local cuisines. Peter Swan Charlotte enjoys the time he spends in his garden, being in the outdoors and connecting to the food he serves his children. Peter Swan Charlotte also enjoys delighting his family with original and exotic dishes. In turn, Peter Swan Charlotte’s family looks forward to the night he is able to cook for them.


Peter Swan: Carolina Calling

Peter Swan’s life out in Northern California has prepped him for the trip of a lifetime. His upbringing enriched him with a thirst for quality of life that’s about to get a little bit of extra kick. He has announced he will be moving to North Carolina in 2015, and starting a life in Charlotte and sharing his landscape expertise with some lucky residents out there. He hopes to bring his unique style to that side of the country and give them a little slice of California in their own backyards.

The relationship isn’t only beneficial to Carolina though, Peter Swan is getting plenty out of the deal. Charlotte is a great place to live; and has been booming in past years with an influx of young professionals in the south going to experience all that the city has to offer, which is lots. Charlotte has professional sports teams such as the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association and the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League. They also have delicious Carolina style BBQ and a whole different pallet for the Humboldt County native to sink his teeth into. He has read up about what to expect, and he can’t wait to travel across the country and see what awaits him. Until then, he has also started mapping out his road trip, and as quite the journey planned ahead of him that includes stops in Wyoming, Colorado, and many other interesting places that he has never stepped foot in.

Peter Swan – Custom Landscapes

Peter Swan is a person who was truly raised in the dirt; and found a way to turn it into gold. With his work as a custom landscape architect, he has formulated multiple ways in which a lawn can be transformed, making him able to take on any challenge with creativity and strength, allowing him to be a top professional who is absolutely devoted to his craft. Now with his work being sought after more than ever, he has been able to break down his basic categories of customers, which has given him the advantage of anticipating what is expected of that type of customer. He touches more on these classifications below:

Home Landscaping

Peter Swan has made some gorgeous high-end homes go to the next level, and become the envy of the neighborhood through implementing his signature touch into their home landscaping designs. Based on the client’s wishes and their vision for what a dream lawn is, he has created some incredible designs that have stood out in some very extravagant neighborhoods.

Commercial Areas

If you are looking to attract customers to your business through giving them a mesmerizing path to your front door, Peter Swan is the guy who will sway customers who never needed your product in your first place to the realm of curiosity; that’s how good all of his designs are.

Country Clubs

Elegance is Peter Swan’s specialty. He has been contracted by country clubs in his area to make classy establishments look sharp without being too over the top.

Peter Swan’s Favorite Places to Fly Fish

Peter Swan is a man who enjoys the great outdoors in many ways; however none so much as when he is booted and bibbed in a running stream, casting lines and trying to get the best catch freshwater has to offer. And while during the weeks he is pinned down doing custom landscapes, he still finds the best getaways or him and his friends to go after the next big catch. Below you will see some of the places Peter Swan holds most dear when it comes to fly fishing.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Often referred to as one of the best places to fly fish in all of the United States, Glenwood Springs is a hub for those who seek to fish gold medal waters while taking in breathtaking scenery. The waters of the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers merge right at the town of Glenwood Springs, bringing world class trout from different directions.

Morehead City, North Carolina

There’s much for any type of fisherman to enjoy in Morehead City, North Carolina. With its proximity to the ocean there is much reason to take a boat out onto the Atlantic with some friends. However, there is still much freshwater to enjoy, which is where Peter Swan thrives.


There are so many places for fly fishing in Florida that Peter Swan can’t choose his favorite. From the panhandle to the Florida Keys, there are ample places to cast a line and catch a tan while fishing for bonefish, tarpon, and largemouth bass.

Peter Swan’s Signature Collection

Peter Swan is a custom landscaping artist who has done it all when it comes to beautiful and interactive landscapes that brings the grounds of an area to life. He has an extensive portfolio of unique high-end works he has completed, each of which has given him ideas of his own.

Recently, Peter Swan has put together this multitude of ideas to make custom landscape design ideas that are pre-selected and arranged to add life, character and high-class appeal to a property. With all of Peter Swan’s abilities it is hard to encompass all the features he could offer into a custom design. That is why he was done the work for you, and provided you with a selection of fantastic pre-arranged designs to enhance your property with Peter Swan’s master vision.

The Cornucopia

The Cornucopia is for those who want a sustainable and constant source of nutrition coming from their landscape. The cornucopia has it all: kale, tomatoes, strawberries, watermelons, squashes, cabbage, herbs, peppers, lettuce, spinach, potatoes, pumpkins, onions and more. The cornucopia has something to offer you more days than not throughout the year, and is a sustainable and economic way to feed a family.

The Playground

You won’t find slides and monkey bars on this playground. Peter Swan’s Playground design features a life size chess board, a putting green, and an elongated sandbox that could be used for horseshoes, corn hole or washers. The Playground is the perfect custom landscape for the BBQ enthusiast who likes to entertain friends and family.

Peter Swan Is a Top Custom Landscaper

With over twenty years of experience in high end landscaping projects, Peter Swan is a man who knows how to get the job done right. His dedication to craftsmanship and perfection shines through his work, and gives new life to the perimeters of hundreds of houses, commercial areas, country clubs and more. Peter Swan is a skilled professional who provides unmatched talent in a number of services.

Custom Lawns and Gardens

Peter Swan’s landscaping career started off in the dirt. That is why his custom lawn and garden designs reflect the utmost of his experience. Each one is tailored to the customer’s exact specifications, and then given a touch of Peter Swan flare. From multi-colored rose gardens to self-sustaining vegetable gardens, Peter Swan can do everything from bedding and irrigation to lights and masked compost bins that both feed the future of the soil and are appealing to the eye.

Water Features

The addition of a water feature to any landscape brings it a whole new element of life to the project. Peter Swan can create standing ponds and will even provide the fish. Or, you can choose a running stream or waterfall for their calming and meditative sounds. No matter what water feature you desire, Peter Swan has the skills and the tools to make it happen.

Decks, Putting Greens, Etc.

Because your property should be for more than just looks, Peter Swan knows how to custom build many interactive features to make that next BBQ or special occasion that much more special.

Peter Swan and His Involvement at Hampden-Sydney

A dedicated scholar who remained persistent in his pursuit of a long and fulfilling career in the finance banking industry, Peter Swan displayed his wits and ambition throughout his career in higher academia, starting with his undergraduate work at Hampden-Sydney. He graduated in four years with a Bachelor of Arts in Managerial Economics and Spanish and Cum Laude Honors; and within that time gained and maintained membership with many of the school’s honor societies and fraternities.

Omicron Delta Epsilon

Omicron Delta Epsilon is accredited by the Association of College Honor Societies as an International Economics Honor Society. Hampden-Sydney College honored the opening of this widely-recognized society back in 1971, and Peter Swan was a proud and active member of Omicron Delta Epsilon and helped promote his ambitions through involvement in this group.

Phi Sigma Iota

As the symbolic international foreign language honor society, Phi Sigma Iota members must meet certain requirements to be a part of this special society. Not only must they engage in a major or minor associated with a foreign language, but they must be and remain at the top 35% of their class. With a devotion to academics and his pursuit of a Spanish degree, Peter Swan was a natural member of this organization.

Phi Gamma Delta

Also known as FIJI, the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity was first founded at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania in 1848. The fraternity has built lifelong relationships among its 170,000+ members. To this day Peter Swan credits much of his accomplishments to the experiences and camaraderie he gained through his FIJI brothers at Hampden-Sydney.

Peter Swan: A Professional Summary

As a seasoned professional in the financial banking industry, Peter Swan has exemplified the talent to make both him and his clients more financially successful. Peter Swan can create new ideas that harbor better risk/tradeoff ratios for all his clients, making him a valuable asset to anyone’s financial success. Now focused on private equity transactions, Peter Swan bring decades of professional experience to the table that gives his clients ultimate confidence in his abilities.

Bank of America

To supplement his MBA, Peter Swan worked in the Sales and Trading Group at Bank of America. He went through a ten-month training program that gave him comprehensive knowledge of the duties in that department. He sold money market products such as Treasury Bills, Commercial Paper, CDs, Rep and Eurodollar investments to institutional clients.

Credit Suisse

After working at Bank of America, Peter Swan took a job as Financial Analyst in the Credit Group of Credit Suisse. He reviewed financial statements and trading information in order to provide vital information to senior management.

SunTrust Bank

As Vice President of their Capital Markets Division, Peter Swan played a role in the success of SunTrust Bank. In the early development phases of the platform, he became the sole interest rate marketer for the bank.

Wells Fargo Bank

For nearly two decades, Peter Swan held the position of Managing Director of Global Rates and Interest Rate Derivatives Marketing. He was a consistent performer with the banks, maintaining a position among the top marketers each fiscal year.