Peter Swan Is a Top Custom Landscaper

With over twenty years of experience in high end landscaping projects, Peter Swan is a man who knows how to get the job done right. His dedication to craftsmanship and perfection shines through his work, and gives new life to the perimeters of hundreds of houses, commercial areas, country clubs and more. Peter Swan is a skilled professional who provides unmatched talent in a number of services.

Custom Lawns and Gardens

Peter Swan’s landscaping career started off in the dirt. That is why his custom lawn and garden designs reflect the utmost of his experience. Each one is tailored to the customer’s exact specifications, and then given a touch of Peter Swan flare. From multi-colored rose gardens to self-sustaining vegetable gardens, Peter Swan can do everything from bedding and irrigation to lights and masked compost bins that both feed the future of the soil and are appealing to the eye.

Water Features

The addition of a water feature to any landscape brings it a whole new element of life to the project. Peter Swan can create standing ponds and will even provide the fish. Or, you can choose a running stream or waterfall for their calming and meditative sounds. No matter what water feature you desire, Peter Swan has the skills and the tools to make it happen.

Decks, Putting Greens, Etc.

Because your property should be for more than just looks, Peter Swan knows how to custom build many interactive features to make that next BBQ or special occasion that much more special.