Peter Swan: Carolina Calling

Peter Swan’s life out in Northern California has prepped him for the trip of a lifetime. His upbringing enriched him with a thirst for quality of life that’s about to get a little bit of extra kick. He has announced he will be moving to North Carolina in 2015, and starting a life in Charlotte and sharing his landscape expertise with some lucky residents out there. He hopes to bring his unique style to that side of the country and give them a little slice of California in their own backyards.

The relationship isn’t only beneficial to Carolina though, Peter Swan is getting plenty out of the deal. Charlotte is a great place to live; and has been booming in past years with an influx of young professionals in the south going to experience all that the city has to offer, which is lots. Charlotte has professional sports teams such as the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association and the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League. They also have delicious Carolina style BBQ and a whole different pallet for the Humboldt County native to sink his teeth into. He has read up about what to expect, and he can’t wait to travel across the country and see what awaits him. Until then, he has also started mapping out his road trip, and as quite the journey planned ahead of him that includes stops in Wyoming, Colorado, and many other interesting places that he has never stepped foot in.