Peter Swan Charlotte’s Hobbies

When Peter Swan Charlotte isn’t working, shopping, or spending time with friends or family he enjoys participating in a myriad of activities. Peter Swan Charlotte enjoys participating in multiple competitive sports, cooking, and working in his garden.

Since he was young, Peter Swan Charlotte has been active in sports. His favorite sport to play as a child and teenager was basketball, and Peter Swan Charlotte helped lead many of the teams of his youth to victories and trophies. As he got older, Peter Swan Charlotte found that he also enjoyed playing baseball and soccer. Peter Swan Charlotte began playing baseball after one of his business contacts invited him to join a local league. By playing baseball, Peter Swan Charlotte is able to network and indulge his love of sports.

In college Peter Swan Charlotte began taking an interest in soccer. While he did not play for his university’s team, Peter Swan Charlotte did become active in some community leagues in the Los Angeles area. Peter Swan Charlotte also enjoys taking his contacts and clients out on the golf course to build a rapport.

Peter Swan Charlotte also enjoys cooking and utilizes his own personal garden for many of his ingredients. Peter Swan Charlotte grows both fruits and vegetables in his garden, and cooks a variety of international and local cuisines. Peter Swan Charlotte enjoys the time he spends in his garden, being in the outdoors and connecting to the food he serves his children. Peter Swan Charlotte also enjoys delighting his family with original and exotic dishes. In turn, Peter Swan Charlotte’s family looks forward to the night he is able to cook for them.